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So here they are, the names, locations and emails of hundreds of the most professional, experienced and sought-after Cool:Poser Computer Contractors in the CCCCC.
And we finally fixed the date sort routine.

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The CCCCC Olympics

62 USA. 39 Australia. 26 Netherlands.
20 "Resting".
16 England.
6 India.
5 Ireland.
4 Denmark, South Africa.
3 Canada, Sweden.
2 Belgium, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Wales.
WOODEN SPOON with 1 solitary lonely member: Austria, Brazil, France, Germany,
Norway, Singapore, Spain, Thailand.

Map of the CCCCC world


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If you're looking for somebody who you used to work with, but who may no longer be in the field, you could also try our
Lost Legends of the IEF. We also move people there if their email addresses become invalid.

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